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As part of its rebranding and launch of a new website Tring Park School for the Performing Arts needed a short film to capture the quality and spirit of the school and its talented young students.

“VPI Digital produced an high quality product in a short time-scale and within budget” says Miriam Juviler, Marketing Manager at the school. “They understood our needs and worked sensitively with our students so that they felt comfortable about the presence of cameras in their lessons and performances.”

A key element of the film was interviews with the students. VPI Digital’s Graham Baxter explains, “What struck us was how well-rounded, confident and genuine the students were. They were just so natural and enthusiastic in front of the camera and really wanted to tell the world about the school and their experiences there. They are, without doubt, great ambassadors for Tring Park.”

Since completion the film has been utilised not only on the school’s website but also at exhibitions and as promotional material to accompany its prospectus.

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