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With its origins as the in-house video production department for Holiday Inn worldwide, Graham Baxter started working as an independent producer in 1995. Building on its expertise in the hotel sector VPI grew and expanded its resources to meet the increased demand of its clients across a wide range of industries including hospitality, retail and logistics as well as providing services to companies in the conference and events sector. As organizations evolved and became true global brands we helped our clients communicate more efficiently and effectively with their audiences wherever they were in the world, frequently in multiple languages.

But it is perhaps digital technology that has had the most impact on production in recent years and, significantly, distribution of content via the Internet. Early on, as the technology advanced, we saw the potential to use the Internet as our primary platform to deliver content and started making videos that were able to be played in the virtual world.

In a world where information is key and fast delivery vital, we also invested in technologies to deliver a “digital signage” offering our clients their own branded TV channel that could be seen online and on large screens in foyers, workspaces and boardrooms globally while being updated live and remotely.

Our approach to creating effective and engaging screen communication balanced with our strategic use of emerging technologies has resulted in us becoming a consultancy as much as a production company. To celebrate our evolution we have now rebranded as ” VPI Digital” creating content for a world of screens.